New years decoration ideas

Nytårs DIY_Collage2
There are only a few days left of 2015!
If you are going to throw a New Year’s Eve party, I have found some different decoration ideas that might inspire you. Some of the stuff can you buy, some of it are DIY’s and some of the things can either be bought or made – it is up to you.

Tags for the glasses
Make you glasses a bit more festive than normally just download and print tags for glasses, napkins or straws.
You can find many others on Pinterest.
Source: Birds Party

2016 balloons
The big balloons with numbers and letters have been a must have in 2015 – and probably will so too in 2016.
You need to buy these at

Tassels is very decorative to hang on the wall. You can make or buy them in whatever colour, so they fits perfectly into you party theme.
A lot of Etsy shops sell them or you can make them of silk paper. Find a DIY here.

Golden cutlery
You need to buy these. The ones showed are from Broste.

Photo props
Photo props are really fun to play with at a party, and can be fun both for kids and adults.
The basic things you need are basic in different colours and glue. Only imagination set the limits for what to make, and if you imagination is limited there are also a lot of free printable available for instance here, here or here. Or you can buy some here (Source).

Confetti ballons
Another easy DIY that can be made to fit you party theme and colours.
All you need are natural balloons and some paper or confetti to put inside.

Kosta Boda vinglas2Glasses
These glasses are from Kosta Boda (affiliate link) and I love the edges in the glass, a bit more festive than normally plain glasses.

Golden champagne bottles
Another quick DIY, but watch out it can be messy with all the glitter. But then again what is a New Year’s Eve without glitter?!
You will need glue and glitter to make these sparkling bottles. Find a DIY here.

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