Kreavilla - Part 3
  • DIY-foraar-paa glasFEAT

    Green inspiration – Melt Design Studio

    The sun is slowing taking over after a cold winter and it is time to start to plant seeds and make them sprout and grow. Even if you don’t have […]

  • Påske coll_FEAT

    Påske aktiviteter

    For mange står påsken i børnenes tegn. Men med påsken følger også et par ekstra fridage, og måske lidt tid til at sætte dine interesser i fokus?! Når solen begynder […]

  • 3c

    Globe vases

    Have you noticed the globe vases? On instagram there are appearing quite a lot and with the spring and flowers coming soon it could be a good time to get […]

  • Blacktjärnsgatan_Stue0_FEAT

    Home tour: 60’s townhouse

    A lot of the home tours I have been showing is from old apartments that have many decorative details. You might think that it easy to make the apartments look […]

  • 2FEAT1a

    Kender du typen?

    Jeg er nok ikke den eneste boliginteresseret, der sluger diverse boligprogrammer råt. Programmerne kan være af forskellig kvalitet, men jeg syntes altid, det er sjovt, at få et kig ind […]

  • c5BeggeDSC_1398_FEAT

    Jewellery for the interior addict

    This post is sponsored: I have received a pair of earrings from Nordkant and it contains affiliate links. Today’s post might seem a bit off topic since my main focus […]

  • Bisittaregatan_Stue2_FEAT

    Home tour: Bright and blue

    A couple of weeks ago we had a little bedroom battle and I asked you which of the rooms there was your favourite. The answers were very split, and I […]

  • Små_FEAT2

    Jars and storage boxes

    Green marble // Blue twinkle // Bellino // Black jewellery box // Wooden jar Jar with brass lid // Blue sparkle // Handmade ceramic Can you ever get enough jar […]

  • c3DSC_1313_FEAT2

    Hallway makeover

    Last month I stumbled upon this amazing apartment in a lot of different green-blue tones, it inspired my to do a makeover in our own hallway and it worked as […]

  • kreavilla_ugens-fund

    A personale home with vintage

    When decorating a home, one of the challenges is to make it comfortable and personal. It is easy to buy a lot of furnitures, interior, vases etc. but that is not […]