Guide til interiørbutikker i København

Guide to Interior shops in Copenhagen by
En guide til mindre bolig- og interiørbutikker i København. Butikker med upcoming design, plakater, keramik og andre ting, der ikke findes i enhver butik. Der er her du skal gå hen, for at finde ting ikke alle andre har.
Butikkerne er opdelt efter bydel, jeg har ikke skrevet åbningstider, da de kan varierer og ændres. Så tjek butikkens hjemmeside inden du lægger vejen forbi.

Listen er blevet lang, hvilket jo er dejligt, men jeg har derfor valgt at holde beskrivelse af butikkerne helt kort, så man ikke mister overblikket. Beskrivelsen er på engelsk, da jeg tænker denne oversigt også kan være til gavn for udenlandske besøgene, og de fleste danskere jo kan engelsk.

Hvis der er nogle butikker du mener bør tilføjes, eller der er nogen fejl i listen, så læg endelig en kommentar.

I love small and upcoming design, and know the new and interesting shops can be hard to find. I live in Copenhagen and made this guide, so you can find all the gems if you are about to visit Copenhagen.
The stores I have listed are mainly with upcoming design, some of them have a mixed sortiment, with but small and bigger brands. There are also ceramic stores and workshops. But in common is that you can find things made in small scale and not in the mainstreet shops.

The shops are listed by which part of the city they are located in. And I have also tried to list the stores so they are located close to eachother. The opening hours are often limited, so please check the website if you schedule a visit.

I haven’t been in all the stores myself (yet!), but if you only have one day in Copenhagen, I will say Stilleben is a must see, and then go to Jærgersborggade where there are a lot of small shops located. The street even has a website so you can get a hint of what to find. There are both cafés, stores that produce caramels, a donut shop, a vinyl shop, a tatoo shop and much more!

I hope you will enjoy Copenhagen, explore the city and maybe have a chat with a dane or two. On the streets the danish people might not be so talkative, but if you talk to a shopowner or crafter the experince will be different.

City – København K
Stilleben No.22
Frederiksborggade 22
1360 København K
Big shop, with a lot of different designers. The orginal Stilleben is located in Niels Hemmingsensgade 3, the new shop doesn’t have so much atmosphere, but is bigger and with a larger selection.

Frederiksborggade 39
1360 København K
A broad varity of selected design; interior, gadgets and toys. Both danish and foreign brands.

Format Artspace
Nansensgade 25
1366 København K
A gallery, where the art is produced in limited editions, and therefor affordable for everybody. Most of the artwork uses different kind of graphic print techniques; serigrafi, litografi, riso-print.

Finurli Design
Kompagnistræde 12, kld.
1208 København K
A small shop with various designers. Go explore!

GunGun Designshop
Kompagnistræde 25
1208 København K
Sell illustrations, ceramics, fashion made by seven designers. There is a workshop in the back, where most of the items are made.

Naboløs 1, kld
1206 København K
Small shop that started with a big collection of retro wallpapers. They still still a vintage wallpaper but have added selected interior and wallart by different designers.

Niels Hemmingsensgade 3
1153 København K
Stilleben is a a must see store. It has existed since 2002, they only pick the best of the best and they travel frequently to handpick products from across the globe. The two owners also design products for acknowledged Danish design companies such as Georg Jensen, Skagerak and Kähler.
Because of the huge success they opened a new shop; Stilleben No.22. that is located at Frederiksborggade 22 and found in the beginning of this list.

Stilleben | Guide to Interior shops in Copenhagen by Kreavilla

Kira Cph
Store Strandstræde 5
1255 København K
Rugs, carpets, bedspreads and other textils inspired by colors, shapes and a love of the Nordic design culture and the good craftsmanship. Designed in Denmark and produced in Morocco and India in by skilled weavers.
Also carry a selection of handpicked Moroccan Berber carpets and other interior products for the home.

Store Kongensgade 73
1264 København K
This is also a favorite of mine. A small shop filled with carefully selected and eclectic things that often has a humorous twist. Like hangers looking like animals, a cat scarf, nature objects capsuled in glass and much more. Take you time and explore every corner of the shop.

Fair Nomad Society
Store Kongensgade 74
1264 København K
A sustainable concept store with interior and life style products.

Yonobi Studio & Store
Ny Kongensgade 11
1472 København K
A big shop with selected ceramics by more than 40 designers, both danish and international. You can also join a workshop and make you own ceramic.

The Apartment
Overgaden neden Vandet 33, 1st floor
1414 København K
Contemporary art and design, showcased in the elegant setting of 18th century apartment. Or… a shop that looks like an apartment with unique design pieces for sale! A unique concept that you must go and see. The prices are in the high end.

Edition Copenhagen
Strandgade 66
1401 København K
A big lithographic workshop and gallery space (1000 m2) with both danish and internal artists.

Design Werck
Krudtløbsvej 12
1439 København K
Design Werck hosts a permanent design exhibition with more than 30 curated design brands which are continously presenting news. They presents members from both the established design community and up-and-coming designers, architects and craftsmen. Many of the exhibited design items can be bought from the design shop.

Nørrebro – København N
Butik Bast
Nørrebrogade 163
2200 København N
A small shop with various designers. Go explore!

Kaktus Kbh
Jægersborggade 35
2200 København N
A cactus shop. Both with cactus (of course) but also pots and art related to cactuses (see picture below).
Kaktus Copenhagen | Guide to Interior shops in Copenhagen by Kreavilla

Jægersborggade 51
2200 København N
Sales of print produced in small numbers, produced on location by various artists.

Høj Copenhagen
Jægersborggade 53, kl. tv
2200 København N
A small shop with various designers mixed with mainstream interior products.

Craft Sisters
Jægersborggade 53, kl. th
2200 København N
Adventurous craft sourcing. Support local artisans and empowerment of women through craft making throughout the world.

KnAsT Interiør
Stefansgade 3
2200 København N
KnaAt is run by 7 different craftsmen. All things are produced locally, some in the back of the store. They sell ceramics, jewelry, pillows, lamps, tables and more. But the common thing good materials, uniq products and a love for crafting and how to use old crafts to make modern nordic design.

Stefansgade 12
2200 København N
Designkollektivet is collective with 8 craftsmen. And like KnAst all things are produced localy and the shop run by the craftsmen.

The General Store
Ægirsgade 39
2200 København N
A small shop with various designers. Go explore!

Liebe Keramik
Nannasgade 28
2200 København N
Susan Liebe is the women behind the ceramic brand Liebe. The ceramic has an original and a fun twist. Prototypes are made here in workshop and after that produces in Vietnam and sold in various danish stores.
It is also possible to buy customized ceramic, like door signs, cups with text of you choice or hand/foot print of our baby.

Vesterbro – København V
Girlie Hurly
Istedgade 99
1650 København V
A small shop with various designers mixed with mainstream interior products.

Shop Dora
Værnedamsvej 6
1619 København K
A big shop with various designers. Go explore!

Viktoria Ceramic Studio CPH
Vesterbrogade 24b, Over gården i kælderen
1620 København V
A ceramic workshop collaboration that also has a small shop. All the ceramics are produced on site by danish craftsmen. Find the shop by crossing the card and go to the basement.
Viktoria Ceramic Studio | Guide to Interior shops in Copenhagen by Kreavilla

Vesterbrogade 204
1800 Frederiksberg
HAENG make lamp pendants, but not just one standard lamp. They challenge design standards and wants to inspire people to express themselves and show it through their creations. Therefore your can combine various modules and customize a lamp completely to your liking.
Everything is made and manufactered in Scandinavia and in the end put together at HAENG.
In their showroom they also sell selected design by other up-coming designers and you can of course you can create you own lamp.

Frederiksberg Allé 8
1820 Frederiksberg
Rackbody sell different furnitures made by racks; clothes railings, shelfs, lamps, legs for tables, hooks and much more.
In their shop and showroom they also sell KABE products. KABE are a coloured plaster for walls and create a uniq and lively surface.

Al Hambra & Sons
Frederiksberg Allé 42B
1820 Frederiksberg C
Al Hambra & Sons is a shop and gallery. It is a collaboration between 6 artists there also has their workshops located here.

Niedziella and friends
Gammel Kongevej 82
1850 Frederiksberg
A small shop with various designers. Go explore!

Bak Shop
Gammel Kongevej 153
1850 Frederiksberg
A charming store with a lot of plants mixed with a fine selection of ceramics, candleholders and other interior products.
Bak Shop | Guide to Interior shops in Copenhagen by Kreavilla

Studio Rov
Godthåbsvej 12
2000 Frederiksberg
A small shop with various designers. Another one of my favorites, the owner is so great at selection new and up-coming design.

Godthåbsvej 69
2000 Frederiksberg
A workshop collaboration with several illustrators. You can also find accessories as notebooks, pillows, bags and other textil design along uniq vintage design.

Østerbro – København Ø
WAUW design
Willemoesgade 13
2100 København Ø
Ceramic studio and store where all the WAUW design products are made from the first idea to the product is standing on the shelf in the store.

Faksegade 19
2100 København Ø
A small shop with various designers mixed with plants and uniq vintage design.

Ydre Ø // Co-Craft
Nygårdsvej 82
2100 København Ø
A design and workshop collaboration with jewelry, yarn and textile products, along with selected design and uniqas.

København S
No 217 Interiør
Gunløgsgade 15
2300 København S
A big shop with various designers, both up-and-coming and more established brands. But all careful selected!

Skånegade 7
2300 København S
In this shop you find a lot of things, a lot of colours and things with a twist. Take you time to explorer every corner of “Forvandlingskuglen”, which means crystal or transformation ball.

Amagerbrogade 186
2300 København S
Mainly a shop with vintage, retro and secondhand items for the home. You can also find illustrations and jewellery from new and upcoming designers.

Toftegårds Allé 24
2500 Valby
A small shop with various designers (see picture below).

Rumlig | Guide to Interior shops in Copenhagen by Kreavilla

No 217 Interiør
Valby Langgade 217
2500 Valby
A big shop with various designers, both up-and-coming and more established brands. But all careful selected!

Frederikssundsvej 157
2700 Brønshøj
A big shop with a lot of various designers, mostly local. The designers also runs the store and take shifts by turn.

Design by Kalle shop
Frederikssundsvej 186
2700 Brønshøj
A small shop with various designers for both men and women, but mainly for people that wants to have fun. Also host events; music, winetasting ect, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

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