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The christmas isn’t quite over yet, but maybe you are already looking forward to strip you home for all the christmas decorations and get you “normal” home back?! At least I have that feeling, especially because I have a plan about painting one of the walls in our livingroom.

This apartment is located in Stockholm and I love how light and airy it looks like – and no christmas decorations. Especially I love the stilleben next to the bed, the coordinate red/brown colour scheme, the daybed in the hallway and the blue sideboard in the livingroom. The sideboard is an Ikea Bestä with front and sideboards from SuperFronts, if you don’t know SuperFronts you should definitely go check it out, they have so many possibilities to personalize the Bestä furnitures.

Source: FantasticFrank, Roslagsgatan 41

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    Patrik at Brass&Gold | En inredningsblogg på Hannas Room
    26. december 2015 at 18:45

    Denne lejlighed er så pæn!

    • Svar
      26. december 2015 at 22:26

      Ja ikk! Der kunne man da godt bo, hvis det skulle være.

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    Con un aparador azul | Énola
    8. januar 2016 at 13:02

    […] Fuente: Kreavilla […]

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