50 shades of green

I just showed you a swedish real estate home, but I have to share this with you as well.
Probably I wasn’t the only one having trouble falling a sleep last night, after a long christmas and new year vacation. And laying there in bed the thoughts started to spin. Luckily good thoughts, it was about decor and this green apartment kept popping up in my head. So cool with all the green walls, interior and plants. Maybe a bit exaggerated with green in all the rooms, but the essence with lot of green and tone in tone are good.

After my post yesterday with tips for the hallway, I have cravings to do something about my own hallway.
It took a while before I feel to sleep, so the plans started to take shape and I think it will need some green – or maybe a lot of green! I will show you tomorrow.

Regaring the green walls in this home, I would love to tell you the name of the color, but unfortunately I can only tell you, that the apartment has been sold at Folkhem and that is where the pictures are from. I don’t know who lives there, who styled it or the name or code of the color. If anybody knows please feel free to leave a comment.

Source: Folkhem, photos by Jonas Ingerstedt

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