New year and great offers


I hope you had a great evening last night, and that you and your friends and family came safely in to the new year.

January is for many people a new start with lot of new year resolutions, but also the months with a lot of sales and money to save.
Many shops have already started their sale, actually I got the first “the sales have started” mail December 24th at 10 am! I must say that can annoy me quite a bit, that people buy Christmas presents, and the moment Christmas Eve is over the prices are lowered. It doesn’t seem fair and actually that means you can return gifts and then buy new ones for a lower price. I hope the shops with sales, have it to sell their excess stock and products that aren’t selling so much.

If you have some wishes that weren’t fulfilled Christmas Eve, then it is a good opportunity to find it on sale. I have browsed different online shops and I think, is the one having the biggest sale. All the items below are found on But most shops have things on sales and the other things I have found are from DesignDelicatessen, Cahetu, Luxo Living, Livingshop and Trendyliving.

On the above collage you see: Ice mirror // Vase // Candleholder // Boxes // Poster // Vase // Tablecloth // Bin
Below: Copper lamp// Monecular lamp // Coat hanger // Brass lamp// Poster // Pineapple // Block lamp
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Collage - Room21

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